Griffin Theatre Company reveals their 2013 season

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Sydney’s Griffin Theatre Company has announced their 2013 season, with outgoing Artistic Director Sam Strong revealing he wants to finish up with a bang.

Sam Strong, who begins his next adventure with the Melbourne Theatre Company in January, has planned a jam-packed season full of mystery, mayhem and even murder. With four Australian stories, the 2013 season offers up something for everyone including a rom-com, a thriller, a satire and a period piece.

Strong says the 2013  season will deal with many topical and timeless themes, and “engages with how little we sometimes know those closest to us (Dreams in White), the intersection of classical mythology and contemporary life (The Bull, the Moon and the Coronet of Stars), the nature of dependence (Beached), and the lingering spectre of post-traumatic stress disorder (The Floating World).”

Griffin’s 2013 Independent Season will, for the first time, contain five all-Australian productions. These include a story of family and sacrifice with Lally Katz’s Return to Earth, an epic tale of love, betrayal and murder in Summertime in the Garden of Eden and winner of the 2012 Griffin Award  This is Where We Live.

“I wanted to go out with a bang and a flourish… I was keen to continue some of those trends we have established in nurturing the talent within the company and bringing great artists and directors back to the company,” says Strong.