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Take a lively new look at the world of literature with STUDIO’s new series For The Love of Books. Join three very different (and very opinionated) book lovers for a weekly book club where the new releases and acclaimed classics are discussed and debated.

For the Love of Books hosts Cheryl Akle, Michael Campbell and Lachlan Jobbins discuss The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker, Beneath the Darkening Sky  by Majok Tulba and Floating Gold: The Search of the Ambergris by Christopher Kemp.

The Age of Miracles -  Karen Thompson Walker
On a seemingly ordinary Saturday in a California suburb, Julia and her family awake to discover, along with the rest of the world, that the rotation of the earth has suddenly begun to slow. The days and nights grow longer and longer, gravity is affected, the environment is thrown into disarray. Yet as she struggles to navigate an ever-shifting landscape, Julia is also coping with the normal disasters of everyday life—the fissures in her parents’ marriage, the loss of old friends, the hopeful anguish of first love, the bizarre behavior of her grandfather who, convinced of a government conspiracy, spends his days obsessively cataloging his possessions. As Julia adjusts to the new normal, the slowing inexorably continues.



Beneath the Darkening Sky  – Majok Tulba
When the rebels come to Obinna’s village, they do more than wreak terror for one night. Lining the children up in the middle of the village, they measure them against the height of an AK-47. Those who are shorter than the gun are left behind. Those who are taller are taken. Obinna and his older brother Akot find themselves the rebel army’s newest recruits. But while Akot almost willingly surrenders to the training, Obinna resists, determined not to be warped by the revolution’s slogans and violence. In the face of his vicious captain’s determination to break him, Obinna finds help in a soldier called Priest, and in the power of his own dreams.



Floating Gold: The Search of the Ambergris – Christopher Kemp
Journalist and biologist Christopher Kemp discovers, after reading an odd news report, a hidden world of money, intrigue and amazing wealth. Ambergris is a by-product of sperm whales, used for centuries as a perfume, medicine and aphrodisiac. It appears on beaches all over the world and depending on what state it′s in, can be mistaken for all manner of things. For those in the know, it′s an amazing source of wealth — ambergris trades for US$20 a gram, which is nearly as much as gold but it′s harder to find and it cannot be mined. Traveling from the shores of NZ, to the Smithsonian and New Nedford Whaling museum; he meets amateurs, professional hunters, scientists, elusive vendors who traffic ambergris, people who won′t confess to have found any, and strangers denying what they are looking for.