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The gentleman of the arts in Australia share their influences and inspirations as they each curate an evening of programs for STUDIO’s Artist Hijacks.

Bretty Sheehy is one of Australia’s most accomplished Artistic Directors, having directed Adelaide Festival, Sydney Festival and currently Melbourne Festival. From next year he will become the Artistic Director of the Melbourne Theatre Company.

From 7.30pm on Tuesday 3 April, Brett Sheehy will take over STUDIO’s programming for one evening, showcasing the artists, musicians, directors and authors that have inspired and influenced him throughout his career. The programming line-up includes Frank Lloyd Wright, America’s most celebrated modern architect, poet and novelist Leonard Cohen, influential American painter Jackson Pollock, poet Walt Whitman and notes from the hard road and beyond, a performance he curated for Melbourne Festival 2011.


Frank Lloyd Wright: Murder, Myth And Modernism – 7.30pm
Frank Lloyd Wright is America’s most celebrated modern architect. This documentary presents interviews with his contemporaries that emphasis an image of the man as unpredictable eccentric, brilliant artist and shrewd businessman.



Ladies And Gentlemen… Mr Leonard Cohen – 8.30pm
Already a celebrated poet and novelist, this raw and honest 1965 documentary captures a young Leonard Cohen on the brink of his transition to music super-stardom.




Jackson Pollock – 9.30pm
Paul Jackson Pollock was an influential American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement who enjoyed considerable fame and notoriety. He was regarded as a mostly reclusive artist.




Walt Whitman – 10pm
Daring, noble, naive, brutish, sexual, frightening and flawed. This film tells Whitman’s life story, from his working-class childhood, to his reckless pursuit of the attention he craved for his work.




notes from the hard road and beyond – 11.45pm
Joss Stone joins other music industry legends including Mavis Staples to perform a soulful selection of the protest songs that have changed the world, performed live at Melbourne Festival 2011. Watch a sneak peek clipof soul diva Joss Stone singing People Get Ready.


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