Conversations with Australian Artists

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STUDIO takes a look at some of Australia’s finest artists, sitting down with them to find out their passions, interests, what makes them who they are.

Monday 25 June 6.00pm – The Art of Bill Henson
Controversial Melbourne-based artist Bill Henson allows cameras into his private life for the first time. Revealed is a man obsessed by his work – photographing by night and locked away in his dark room by day.

Tuesday 26 June 6.00pm – Woman of the Book: Geraldine Brooks
We meet Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks, whose latest work of fiction is inspired by the true story of the Sarajevo Haggadah, a medieval Hebrew book.

Wednesday 27 June 6.00pm – Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro
Follows the partnership of Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro as they construct Self Storage – their first commission from a major Australian art institution.

Thursday 28 June 6.00pm – Working With Jane
Filmed from the perspective of the director’s assistant, this portrait of Academy Award winner Jane Campion invades the set of Bright Star to reveal her unique creative process.

Friday 29 June 6.00pm – Artist At Work Penny Byrne
Nanna’s knick-knacks take on barbed and witty guises as Penny Byrne smashes and deconstructs a series of porcelain figurines, only to perfectly reconstruct them.