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Get an inside look at the creative process with Creative Minds – a six-part series of in-depth interviews with the leading figures in the Australian art world.

Sometimes controversial, sometimes moving, always intriguing – Creative Minds sits down with our Australian artistic icons including Geoffrey Rush, Bill Henson, Stephen Page, Kate Grenville, Elena Kats-Chernin and Robyn Archer to discuss their life story and the influences that inform their work.

From 5.15pm on Saturday 4 August, you can catch-up on the first three episodes of the series; Bill Henson, Geoffrey Rush and Kate Grenville.

Premiered Thursday 19 July 8.30pm  Bill Henson
A rare insight into one of Australia’s most successful and most controversial artists.  Bill Henson artistry has turned subjects ranging from landscape, to nude adolescents, into images of breathtaking beauty.   This program reveals his motivation, the way he works, why his work has achieved its international success and how he coped with the media storm that broke around his images of adolescents.


Premiered Thursday 26 July 8.30pm   Geoffrey Rush
Geoffrey Rush is the only Australian actor to win an Oscar, an Emmy and a Tony.  Always the character actor, and rarely the hero, his performances are famous for their physicality.  But what were the influences on his work?  Geoffrey talks about Arthur Koestler, the LeCoq Mime School in Paris, and the years when going on stage produced panic attacks.


Premiered Thursday 2 August 8.30pm  Kate Grenville (aired)
Kate Grenville discusses the relationship between her life and her writing revealing the wellsprings of her creativity and her love of words. She talks about her triumphs and failures and how and why she writes. Her themes include; feminism, cultural stereotyping, rebellion, sexual abuse, marriage, family and dispossession.



Premiered Thursday 9 August 8.30pm  Elena Kats-Chernin (aired)
Elena Kats-Chernin was born in the USSR where her musical talent was discovered and first nurtured.   She and her family eventually migrated to Australia where she studied piano and composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Today she is considered one of Australia’s most intriguing and creative composers.



Thursday 16 August 8.30pm Robyn Archer
Robyn Archer has gone from a Housing Commission suburb of Adelaide to the Festival Hall in London. As a cabaret singer, she mixes high art with low culture. As a committed feminist lesbian, she credits the men in her life with creating her career opportunities.  Robyn Archer believes in saying yes to everything.



Thursday 23 August 8.30pm  Stephen Page
As Stephen Page tells his story in conversation with Robin Hughes, he takes the audience on an unguarded journey through his life, revealing his warmth, his self- deprecating nature and his increasingly politicised relationship with his Aboriginal identity.