Elvis Marathon

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STUDIO celebrate the King of Rock & Roll with an afternoon of films and documentaries.

Thursday 16 August 12:00pm – Kid Galahad
Elvis Presley stars as an ex-GI who returns to his New York home and is roped into the shady world of boxing. Quickly becoming a local champion, he must dodge the mob’s suspicious involvement.

Thursday 16 August 1:45pm –  Church Of Elvis: Elvis Presley
Is Elvis Presley bigger than Jesus? Discover how his life – and death – has inspired near religious adulation as persistent rumours about his resurrection continue to this day.

Thursday 16 August 4:15pm – Frankie And Johnny
Elvis Presley stars in this 1966 riverboat classic. Gambler Johnny (Presley) is hired to perform a duet with his girlfriend, Frankie (Donna Douglas), but can’t keep his mind on the job.

Thursday 16 August 5:45pm – Clambake
Elvis Presley stars as the heir to an oil fortune who trades places with a Florida water-ski instructor on a quest to find love that is blind to his family’s money in this 1967 classic