Stars of the Silver Screen

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To be a Hollywood great is to fly too close to the sun, to embody the dreams of millions while placing your fate in their hearts. Stars of the Silver Screen celebrates the lives of those who soared the highest.

From James Stewart to Bette Davis, we uncover what drove them and why the world loved them.

Contributions from contemporary commentators and current Hollywood glitterati will bring each icon’s legacy up to date as their most magical motion picture moments are relived and the personalities behind the names are explored.

Thursday 6 September 8.30pm                      Kirk Douglas
Explore the career of Kirk Douglas, one of the greatest male American screen legends of all time.

Thursday 13 September 8.30pm                 Bette Davis
Bette Davis’ Oscar-winning performances were dramatic, but none more so than her highly publicised life.

Thursday 20 September 8.30pm                     Clark Gable
Clark Gable’s legendary career made him one of America’s greatest stars, not least for his leading role in Gone With The Wind.

Thursday 27 September 8.30pm                     James Stewart
James “Jimmy” Stewart was the star of many classic films, and had an important career in the US military.