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The Art of Faith

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British journalist John McCarthy leads a stunning architectural tour of the world’s most significant religious buildings. Filled with the rich and historic art of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, a series of rabbis, priests, imams and art historians unravel the ancient mysteries of the religions’ most sacred places.

As we are invited ever deeper into the secret worlds of the three major religions, the wonder of their architectural traditions grows, as does our understanding of the often misunderstood ancient belief systems.

Thursday 1 September 8:30 pm
Judaism & Christianity

Thursday 8 September 8:30 pm
Islam & Hinduism

Thursday 15 September 8:30 pm
Buddhism & Religions of the Tao – Daosim/Shinto


    Thomas Ng said

    I missed the 3 episodes when they were on. When will they be shown again?

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