The Church of Elvis

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Is Elvis Presley bigger than Jesus? Explore the religious fervour with which The King is still revered in this fascinating documentary. It retraces the influence faith had on the man and his music, and then how his life and death have inspired near religious adulation.

Follow devotee and Elvis tribute artist Ron Moore as he travels to the heart of Elvis country to uncover rare stories and unseen items with people who knew the King first hand; performs in Elvis’s old haunts; and meets the super-fans who have dedicated their lives to enshrining their idol.

Elvis’ incredible fame has blurred the boundaries between the secular and sacred. This documentary compares his fans’ devotion to a religion, explaining how the many characteristics border on the religious, including missionaries (tribute artists), sacred texts (records and films), disciples (fans), relics (the scarves, clips of hair), pilgrimages (Tupelo, Graceland) and shrines (his gravesite). Persistent rumours about his resurrection even continue to this day.