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Sydney Festival TV: Tubular Bells for Two

Tubular Bells Youtube

Two young, bold Sydney musicians, Aidan Roberts and Daniel Holdsworth, take on Mike Oldfield’s classic 1973 progressive-rock anthem Tubular Bells. The twist? They perform it themselves, a marathon – almost manic – event with pianos, organs, electric guitars, mandolins, tuned percussion, drums, glockenspiel and eventually… some tubular bells. Watch more Sydney Festival TV videos here,…


The Band, Bob Dylan, Hall & Oates – STUDIO This Week

The Last Waltz - Group

  There’s some mighty fine music coming up on STUDIO these holidays. Tonight at 8.30pm don’t miss The Last Waltz. Acclaimed as one of the best concert films ever made, director Martin Scorsese turned his lens on The Band for their last live performance in 1976. Filmed in San Francisco, it features special guests including…


James Taylor & Carole King: Troubadour Reunion

Saturday 26 November, 8.30pm
James Taylor & Carole King 16_9

James Taylor and Carole King first performed together at West Hollywood hot-spot, the Troubadour, in 1970 as newcomers. Nearly four decades after helping define the singer-songwriter movement that would flower in the Seventies, the pair teamed up and traded songs like the two musical masters that they are.