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INNER GARDEN – a new work from contemporary dance company De Quincey Co

What is your obsession? How does it control you or can you keep it in check? Set inside a hidden walled garden in Callan Park, Rozelle, this site-specific work delves into the depths of the imagination exploring the crevices of the mind and the shape of our obsessions. As audience members enter a space inhabited by dancers,…


Three ground-breaking works in one unmissable season

SDC De Novo featuring Jessica Thompson & Chen Wen. Photo by Ellis Parrinder

This March Sydney Dance Company presents De Novo, a trio of unmissable dance works from three exceptional choreographers, brought to life by Australia’s premier contemporary dance ensemble. The first, Rafael Bonachela’s Emergence acknowledges his enduring fascination with popular culture. For this show Bonachela commissioned composer Nick Wales and internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko, in her…


Sydney Festival TV: Concrete & Bone Sessions


Ever wondered what would happen when you combine BMX bike riding with parkour, breaking and dancing? In this episode of Sydney Festival TV STUDIO finds out with Branch Nebula’s Concrete and Bone Sessions. Part theatre, part dance, part urban street sport, Concrete and Bone Sessions is an exciting confrontation between bodies and wheels set among…


Sydney Fringe Festival opens 7th September

fringe image

  Russian Rock n’ Roll Burlesque. Parties in museums. A 3D art workshop for kids. Comedy about monkeys in space. Sydney’s wacky and wonderful come to life this September. The Sydney Fringe Festival is the city’s biggest celebration of all things underground, and it begins next Friday, September 7th with a street party in Newtown Square….


A Return to The Trees – performers climb, leap and free fall across stage


Sydney-based theatre group Strings Attached premieres a brand new production at Carriageworks this week called A Return to The Trees, by Artistic Director Alejandro Rolandi. A Return to The Trees blurs the lines between dance and theatre. The story is based around climate change and human destruction, hoping to create a call to action about…


Go Behind the Scenes as STUDIO films Never Did Me Any Harm

IMG_6273take 2

This week STUDIO filmed Sydney Theatre Company and contemporary dance company Force Majeure’s Never Did Me Any Harm at Sydney’s The Wharf. Stay tuned for the world television premiere coming to STUDIO in October 2012, or sign up for an email reminder closer to the date. In the meantime, check out these behind the scenes…