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Andrea Bocelli live at the iTunes Festival

Sunday 28 October, 7.30pm

Andrea Bocelli, the Italian superstar, has effortlessly stood centre stage at both opera house and concert hall throughout his career. His passionate delivery has helped make him one of classical music’s most beloved tenors. In a special concert, performed at The Roundhouse in London as part of the iTunes Festival in September 2012, he shows…


Black Cab Sessions USA

Friday 21 December, 8.30pm

Black Cab Sessions are famous in the UK for having the world’s biggest artists perform in the most intimate of venues – the back of a London cab. These up-close performances and interviews with household names continue across the pond, with the exclusive first series of Black Cab USA. Discover the cities of the US…


Live From The Artists Den Series 3

Tuesday 6 November, 7.30pm

This New York Emmy nominated series pairs world-class musicians with unique and unlikely venues to create intimate, once-in-a-lifetime concerts. With secret shows in over 20 cities, The Artists Den features one-off concerts in venues such as churches, cinemas, banks and libraries. Alan Light, the former editor of Vibe and Spin, chooses a different artist every…


Queens of Pop

Saturday 3 November, 6.00pm

Get to know the women who defined pop over the last 50 years. In January 2011, viewers voted for the ‘Queens of Pop’. 8 pop queens were chosen from 50 proposals and each is presented in an episode. The final pop divas include Diana Ross (1960s), Donna Summer and Debbie Harry (1970s), Madonna (1980s), Britney…


London Calling

Tuesday 30 October, 6.30pm

London Calling tells the untold story of British Pop, as reflected through artistic mediums beyond music. This four-part series looks at how photography defined the scene, the phenomenal influence of art schools and fashion, the love/hate relationship with cinema and the pivotal role of starmakers who made the rules of the modern music industry. Tuesday…