visual arts

Passport to Spain

Sunday 15 July , 12.00pm

Join us for an all-day marathon that explores the rich and vibrant artistic culture of Spain. From the romantic artworks of Goya, to the breath-taking fashion of Balenciaga, to the astounding flamenco guitar of Paco de Lucia – STUDIO guides you through the influential art and contemporary entertainment that makes Spain so beloved. Whether you…


Simon Schama’s Power of Art

Tuesday 17 July, 8.30pm

Focusing on iconic works of art, this series reveals the history of visual imagination through the ages. A combination of dramatic reconstruction, spectacular photography and Simon Schama’s unique and personal style transport the viewer back to the intense moments the great works were conceived and born; from the murderous world of baroque Rome; paranoid, revolutionary…


Work of Art Sneak Peek: Miles Sleeps

Miles Sleeping YouTube

In this sneak peek, Miles creates a performance work – of himself sleeping! And the other contestants aren’t happy. Is it art? Decide for yourself, Wednesdays at 8.30pm on STUDIO. Watch more clips from Work of Art: The Next Great Artist.


STUDIO ArtBreak: Queen Street Studio

Queen Street image

The AbaF award-winning relationship between Queen Street Studio and Frasers Property in Sydney’s suburb of Chippendale has resulted in an inner-city space for artists, writers and performers to work. This STUDIO ArtBreak explores how the project came together, and how it became a local artistic institution.


5 Ways You Can Protest Through Art This Weekend


It’s not just people with protest banners who are fighting the good fight – To celebrate the upcoming premiere of notes from the hard road and beyond on STUDIO, here are 5 ways you can join in the protest through art this weekend. Outpost – Arts from the Streets | Sydney– Sydney’s new festival of…



Tuesday 6 December, 7pm
Auction Sothebys 16_9

  Every Tuesday at 7pm from 6 December, marvel at the big-money bidding frenzies as this series dives into the rough-and-tumble world of high-end art auctions. In each episode, experts from the world’s leading auction houses reveal the stories of the treasures that fall under the auctioneer’s hammer. From a yellow Rolls Royce driven by…


Lucian Freud: Portraits

Wednesday 23 November, 8.30pm
Lucian Freud 16_9

Image: Lucian Freud, “Benefits Supervisor Sleeping” (1995) Imagine being the subject of one of Lucien’s Freud’s fascinating portraits. As a tribute after his recent death in July 2011, this documentary is a telling insight into the private persona of painter Lucien Freud, grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Known for the strikingly realistic portrayal of his…


Scandalous Impressionists

Wednesday 16 November, 8.30pm
Sandalous 16_9

The year was 1874 and in the ultimate act of artistic rebellion, a band of young painters broke away from traditional styles to create an aesthetic all of their own. This engaging documentary examines the early public outrage and mistrust that surrounded early impressionism, pioneered by artists such as Claude Monet, Renoir, and Cezanne. Impressionism,…


FESTIVAL TV: Angels and Demons Take Over Melbourne


They’re the talk of Melbourne – Giant black cherubic demon sculptures with bat wings and reptilian tails, dotted around the city. Festival TV explores one of the highlights of Melbourne Festival, ‘Angels-Demons. Parade’, created by irreverent Russian powerhouse art collective AES+F. Watch as the six-metre tall cherubic demons transform the city into a large-scale playground….


Love / Lust

Wednesday 12 October, 7.30pm
Love-lust heels 1000w

From the bikini and the little black dress, to street food and social networks, this enthralling series reveals how our favourite things define the society in which we live. Each episode, a panel of industry experts and celebrity guests deconstruct the history and evolution of a pop-cultural icon to explain the magic it wields over…


Islamic Art at the V&A

Tuesday 11 October , 8.45pm
Glories of Islam 1000_562

This two-part series chronicles the development of the new Jemeel Gallery of Islamic Art at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, and presents its finest treasures. Part one begins with the removal of the exquisite Ardabil Carpet from the old gallery, and travels with the exhibition to the  very different nations of the US, Iran and…


Watch: Akira Isogawa Designs Romeo & Juliet Costumes

R  J ArtBreak still 16_9

Acclaimed Australian designer Akira Isogawa has joined creative forces with The Australian Ballet to design the costumes for Graeme Murphy’s Romeo & Juliet, which will be broadcast live on STUDIO this month. In this STUDIO ArtBreak, go behind the scenes into the cutting room to see the making of these incredible costumes. With over 150…


What’s On STUDIO in September

September Highlights Still 16_9

This month the best seats in the house are yours as STUDIO broadcasts The Australian Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet live from Melbourne’s Arts Centre. Celebrate religion’s most stunning architectural offerings in the 6-part series The Art of Faith, see Britain’s most beautiful buildings in Saving Britain’s Past and explore the devotees to The King in…


Watch: Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide

Saatchi ArtBreak Still 16_9

The best of contemporary British art comes to the Art Gallery of South Australia in Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide: British Art Now, open until 23 October 2011. The exhibition is one of AGSA’s largest ever, and brings together the audacious best straight from London’s internationally acclaimed and totally surprising Saatchi Gallery. This is the first…